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Foil type winding machine is mainly used in winding foil coil, the structure and function of it more complex than ordinary winding machine, tension control and foil with correction is the key technology of foil type winding machine, the current domestic on the control technology and imported equipment there is still a big gap between the domestic manufacturers of investment and attention in this respect are high, the solution of the technical problems are also gradually.
Foil around the machine
Can be divided into the simple foil winding machine according to the degree of automation, semi-automatic and fully automatic type. Electronic control mode has nc decay single-chip microcomputer and IBM PC computer control. According to the installation type and floor type machine classification to the desktop. According to the degree of automation can be divided into: automatic and semi-automatic winding machine.
For foil around the machine safety and maintenance, to ensure the safety production of enterprises and high-pressure foil around the machine run efficiently for a long time, be sure to do the following:
1. Each winding machine must be reliable grounding, prevent induction sensor control circuits affect the coiling machine use, effectively prevent to get an electric shock.
2. The placement of the winding machine workbench and ground must be stable and reliable, and prevent the vibration and fall, and so on and so forth.
3. Do not close to the heat source, magnetic source, vibration source and pollution sources, etc.
4. Do not do STH without authorization to foil winding machine additional load within the permission scope, such as large wire diameter and ultra-high speed, etc.

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